reiki kanji and flower logoReiki is an ancient healing system, which was rediscovered by Dr Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk in the late 1800s. Reiki helps to balances the body’s energy centres, called chakras.  This can assist in clearing the body of accumulated stress, toxins, and congestion. Reiki aids in balancing the mind, the emotions and the body.

During a treatment Reiki Practitioners place their hands on key areas of the body and off the body in the electromagnetic field, known as the aura. Their role is to act as a channel of Universal Life Energy, which helps to boost the body’s energy, and assists in clearing any stagnation in the flow of energy throughout body.

Reiki is so relaxing that it can help to ease emotional and physical pain, assist in improving digestion, and aid in strengthening the immune system.  Reiki encourages the mind and body to deeply let go worry, tension and stress; in so doing it can help to relieve headaches, muscle and joint pain and insomnia. This blissfully relaxing treatment often has the effect of dissolving stress and worry, increasing confidence and fostering feelings of hope. peace and calm.


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