spine and amatsu kanji

Amatsu kanji & spine

This is a form of Japanese Osteopathy.  It is a gentle head to toe treatment, which improves the alignment of the body and eases all muscle and joint pain.

Common Conditions that Amatsu treats: muscle and joint pain, back and neck pain, foot, knee, hip and shoulder pain, repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, irritable bowel, headaches, sinusitis, jaw pain, insomnia, and stress.

Amatsu includes gentle and safe techniques:

Body and cranial balancing –   gentle, subtle, sustained contact is made on key areas of the body to encourage the body to make it’s own adjustments.  This eases restriction, congestion, inflammation, and pain.

Acupressure – finger pressure is applied to special points on the body, this eases muscle spasm and helps the joints to realign.

Remedial massage –  specialist massage techniques are used throughout the entire treatment. This eases muscle spasm, improves circulation, helps detoxification, eases pain and improves the alignment of the body.




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