trish-for-fbTrish Cavanagh

During the 1990s Trish experienced  panic attacks and symptoms of debilitating vertigo and neck pain.  Thanks to a series of Amatsu treatments, she regained full health; this awakened her passion for complementary health and self-help.

Trish trained in Amatsu (a form of Japanese Osteopathy) and in many other forms of healing including Reiki and Healing Massage. She practiced many complementary health therapies, primarily Amatsu and Reiki, for many years.

Currently, Trish is re-evaluating her life, focusing on coming to terms with haven just come through breast cancer and giving herself time to regain emotional and physical strength. She is very grateful for all the life-saving medical treatments and compassion she encountered throughout her fight to save her life. Energy healing, friendship and prayers have played  enormously supportive roles in her recovery. Trish found Reiki and energy healing gave her comfort, strength and hope during the dark times of  terror, suffering and despair. Trish believes that complementary health can be a helpful adjunct to medical care once the complementary treatments do not interfere or counteract the medical approaches. Trish would like a bridge to be built between complementary medicine and orthodox scientific medical care as the two in co-operation can increase health and well being.  A few days ago Trish received the all clear following recent mammogram and ct scan. Trish is living proof that life can improve even when things look very bleak.

Trish also has a passion for art.  She believes creative pursuits are healing for the mind and the body. Trish has benefited greatly from using her art as a therapeutic tool for overcoming her own recent health trauma.  If you would like to see Trish’s art, please visit http://www.trishcavanaghart.wordpress.com


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