Amatsu & Reiki: Therapies That Restore Health & Happiness

 by Trish Cavanagh


Amatsu is a form of Japanese Osteopathy. It is derived from ancient Japanese warrior medicine. Dr Masaaki Hatsumi Phd, Grand Master Bujinkan martial art (also known as Ninjutsu) taught westerners Dennis Bartrum and William Doolan the ancient warrior healing methods and granted them the full teaching rights of the ancient school of healing called “Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu (School of the secret of the opening of the flower). Thanks to Dennis and William, Amatsu was introduced to Ireland in the 1980s. Amatsu practitioners gently encourage the body to make it’s own adjustments. Gentle contact is made at specific points on the body which enables the body to become deeply relaxed and activates the body’s own healing mechanisms. The joints effortlessly realign and muscle tension simply unwinds, pain disappears. Amatsu treats the whole body from head to toe. Amatsu helps to free the body from many distressing conditions including: headaches, sinusitis, back and neck pain, hip and shoulder pain, arm, leg, knee, ankle and foot pain; digestion problems including irritable bowel and acid reflux; and general stress.


Reiki is an ancient system of hands on healing. Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk in the late 1800s. Reiki balances the energy centres of the body, called chakras. During a Reiki treatment, the Practitioner acts as a conduit of energy, often referred to as universal life energy. The Practitioner simply places her hands on the body and off the body in the body’s aura (an electro-magnetic field which surrounds the body). Reiki calms the mind, eases physical pain and boosts overall health. Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, worries simply float away and muscle tensions easily melt; the heart and mind are soothed and vitality is restored.




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