Energy Healing Helps to Restore Health & Happiness

 by Patricia Cavanagh

Sometimes known as “the laying on of hands” energy healing has been with us through the generations. Years ago I had little faith in anything unseen, for me to believe it, I needed to see it. However, my own felt experiences of healing has changed my mind.

Years ago when I suffered panic attacks and neck pain, I went to a healer. Nothing happened yet I felt better. I received no massage and no physical manipulation. I simply lay on a massage table and the healer silently placed her hands on my head and shoulders, on my feet and sometimes in the air about a foot away from my body. Yet after one hour of this “nothing” my neck pain was gone and I felt calm and hopeful.

Last year I was successfully treated for breast cancer. When I was undergoing cycles of chemotherapy I asked friends to pray and send distant healing. My friends imagined a miniature sized me between their two cupped hands and beamed energy from their hands into their mind image of me. Lying in bed, extremely debilitated and nauseated, I felt waves of energy move throughout my body and even throughout the room. I did not feel alone. During one of these moments I experienced a break through in my mindset that allowed me find inner freedom to be true to myself.

Before my mastectomy and axillary lymph node clearance operation I asked healing to help the surgeon and the medical team. When I saw the surgeon moments before going in for the operation, he looked electrified, he was sparkling, I knew the operation would be a success, that he had immense capacity to heal. For a week after the operation, I felt a blissful peace, people thought I looked angelic, I believe I received tremendous healing at that time and that helped me believe I could be well.

Now, I am fully recovered and ready to share my gift of healing and provide energy healing treatments that draw on all my experience from almost 20 years in complementary health. I currently practice Energy Healing, where I focus on being a conduit of healing energy by placing my hands gently on the Client’s head and shoulders, sometimes on their feet, hips and knees or arms and sometimes in the air just off their body in their aura (electro-magnetic field). This treatment balances the energy flows of the Client’s body and helps with relaxation and recovery from illness. I feel it is important to be fully present with the Client and listen rather than give any advice. I like to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgement which enables the Client go through their own individual process of self-discovery, accessing peace and well-being. I do not give channelled messages as I believe each Clients path is their own and that even if they are fearful they can be helped to access their own inner knowing and at times to accept or cope with the not knowing yet.





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