Energy Healing Helps to Restore Health & Happiness

 by Patricia Cavanagh

Sometimes known as “the laying on of hands” energy healing has been with us through the generations. Years ago I had little faith in anything unseen, for me to believe it, I needed to see it. However, my own felt experiences of healing has changed my mind.

Years ago when I suffered panic attacks and neck pain, I went to a healer. Nothing happened yet I felt better. I received no massage and no physical manipulation. I simply lay on a massage table and the healer silently placed her hands on my head and shoulders, on my feet and sometimes in the air about a foot away from my body. Yet after one hour of this “nothing” my neck pain was gone and I felt calm and hopeful.

Last year I was successfully treated for breast cancer. When I was undergoing cycles of chemotherapy I asked friends to pray and send distant healing. My friends imagined a miniature sized me between their two cupped hands and beamed energy from their hands into their mind image of me. Lying in bed, extremely debilitated and nauseated, I felt waves of energy move throughout my body and even throughout the room. I did not feel alone. During one of these moments I experienced a break through in my mindset that allowed me find inner freedom to be true to myself.

Before my mastectomy and axillary lymph node clearance operation I asked healing to help the surgeon and the medical team. When I saw the surgeon moments before going in for the operation, he looked electrified, he was sparkling, I knew the operation would be a success, that he had immense capacity to heal. For a week after the operation, I felt a blissful peace, people thought I looked angelic, I believe I received tremendous healing at that time and that helped me believe I could be well.

I am delighted to say that I am fully recovered and appreciate life all the more. I believe hands on healing and orthodox medicine can work hand in hand for health and well being.




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